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Your Club needs YOU – Join us!

Membership Applications

The London Douglas Motor Cycle Club welcomes applications from everyone with an interest in Douglas motorcycles. As an owner you can become a full member and as a non-owner you can apply to become an associate member. The Club has a great deal to offer the enthusiast, including a regular magazine, social events, a spares service, technical advice … read more

Apply On-line

Please click here to complete the on-line application form, entering all applicable details and choosing the appropriate membership type. Your details are confidential and will only be used for essential Club correspondence and delivery of the Club magazine.

On receipt of the application, club membership/subscription details will be posted to you. For applicants in the UK, expect delivery in a few days. Applicants in Europe should expect a response in 4-6 days and those in the Rest of the World, depending on postal services, around 7-10 days. Although the current subscription rate is £18 per annum, please do not send cheques etc. with a postal application as there are various payment options which will be advised with your subscription details.

Apply by Post

For those wishing to apply by post, please click to download a printable membership form in .pdf format. This should be completed and sent with a stamped addressed envelope, to Reg Holmes, 48 Standish Avenue, Stoke Lodge, Patchway, Bristol, BS34 6AG. In the event of issues with the online form above, please use this printable form which can be posted or emailed to the Membership Secretary.

The ‘Small Print’

The LDMCC’s Bylaws and Rules, Memorandum and Articles of Association and Data Protection statement can be downloaded here.