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A visitor to the site has kindly sent these lovely period photographs, and wonders if anyone can provide more information. The photograph shows his grandmother, Dorothy Lock with her Douglas motorcycle and was taken in Street, Somerset in, he believes, 1924. Her father, Newman Lock, owned the bicycle and motorcycle business shown in the second picture. Can anyone identify YA 3348 and does it still exist? If you recognise the machine or remember Lock & Sons Garage, please let us know.

Dorothy Locke 1924 with Douglas Motorcycle
Dorothy Lock with Douglas Motorcycle, 1924
Lock and Sons Garage in Street Somerset
Lock & Sons Garage, Street, Somerset

Roy’s Run Resum√©

August should be a safe bet in terms of weather, but the annual Roy’s Run was a mixture of rain and shine. With 35 miles before lunch and a further 25 after, the condition of the roads turned some sections into ‘a true test of man and machine’ as those old 1950s road tests used to say. Still, a good lunch stop followed by afternoon tea and cakes kept our intrepid Douglas riders focused! Thanks go to Roy Staunton for organising the event.

Douglas Motorcycles on Roy's Run 2019
Roy’s Run 2019