Regalia, copies of archive material, reprinted manuals and handbooks, machine transfers … the Club offers a wide range of items to help owners keep their machines on the road – or just to learn more about the Douglas marque.

While LDMCC merchandise is available to Club members only, reprinted manuals and handbooks are available to non-members. A full list of items available, with current prices and order details, is shown in the Club’s magazine, The New Conrod.

Manuals and Handbooks

1910 Manual
1911 Manual (84 pages)
1912 Manual (100 pages)
1913 Manual (126 pages)
1914 Manual (100 pages)
1914 1912/14 Manual, ‘leather bound’, tool box size
1916 Handbook of Douglas new stock
1918 Tuning the 2.3/4 HP for speed
1920 First World War ‘Peace’ publication
1920 4 HP Manual (107 pages)
1922 4 HP Spares List
1923 1923 TT Story, illustrated
1923 TT Model Works Manual
1924 Models and Descriptions (36 pages)
1925 OB, OW Instruction Book
1925 Handbook of the Douglas 2.3/4 HP
1925 Around the Continent (Around Australia with Grady)
1927 Touring the British Isles on a Douglas
1912-27 Illustrated Spares List, 2.3/4 HP models TS and CW
1927 600 Handbook and EW 600 Specification
1928 E28/F28 Spares Book
1929 S6 Manual
1930 Care and Maintenance of 1926-30 350 series
1931 S6 Spares
1931 Care and Maintenance of Models A, B, C, K, M
1932 Illustrated Catalogue with Specifications (40 pages)
1947 Mark 1 T35 Manual
1948-54 Mark 3-5 Manual
1948-54 Mark Spares book
1957 Dragonfly Manual
1957 Dragonfly Spares book, 2020 version
2001 Spannerama (maintenance guide for post-war models)
2007 Centenary booklet

Members Ordering information and current prices are shown in your latest issue of The New Conrod.

Non-members Please contact the Publications Secretary at for further details.