Despite the relaxation of the Covid-19 restrictions, we still ask you all to try wherever possible to follow the social distancing rules to protect yourselves and others.
Also, to comply with our Public Liability Insurance, we need to make sure all Club members, their families and visitors are aware of and abide by the Health and Safety requirements for this event.

1. Motorcycles should only be ridden by riders holding the appropriate licence and a valid certificate of motor insurance for the bike being ridden.

2. Motorcycles should only be ridden at low speed (max. 10 mph) in the roped-off arena area and the surrounding outfield.

3. When riding your motorcycle, please be aware of spectators and children at all times to avoid any possibility of accidents.

4. Riders of motorcycles carrying pillions should make sure that the pillion is sufficiently experienced and is seated correctly.

5. Please make sure that motorcycles are placed securely on stands when not being ridden – use wooden boards if necessary. Also, please make sure the engine has cooled down before leaving the motorcycle unattended to avoid any risk of burns to spectators and children.

6. Please make sure petrol taps are turned off when motorcycles are left parked to reduce the risk of fire – fire extinguishers are available in the Marquee.

7. Please leave sufficient space between motorcycles parked in the static display area to allow easy access for viewing.

8. Please enjoy viewing the motorcycles, but we ask spectators NOT to touch without the owner’s permission. Remember – exhaust and engine parts could be hot and result in burns.

9. Will Club Members and Visitors please make sure that children and pets are kept under close supervision at all times.

10. Please take care when walking around the event site to avoid tripping over any ropes, cables, tent pegs, etc.

11. Spectators need to be aware that motorcycles may be moving between the static display area and the camping outfield during the event. Please take care.

12. In the event of any medical emergency a qualified First Aider is located next to the Marquee.

Thank you for your co-operation.