Henry Body on Douglas Sprinter
That Blur is Henry Body …

‘Our Henry’ has been flying the flag for Douglas in the competitive world of sprinting for longer than most of us can remember. His DT-based specials have achieved astonishing performances over the ¼ mile for decades now, so it was great to see him interviewed on the BBC’s Morning Live programme on 26th March 2021. Catch the show on BBC iplayer – Henry’s interview is about 36 minutes into the programme.

Henry Body working on his Douglas Sprinter
Henry Body working on his Douglas Sprinter

3 thoughts on “Henry Body – Douglas Sprint Legend on BBC

  1. Poor Henry forced to give up sprinting because the ACU made 70+ have to have a full sprint licence instead of a day sprint licence because they could not think of a way to include a medical certificate on a day licence. We should have all crowd funded a legal challenge on the basis of age discrimination. Of course I am not against medicals for older competitors but I am against buying a years licence for one day on the basis of age.


    1. That’s discrimination not matter how you look at it. It’s a dangerous sport anyway but it’s his choice no matter what age he is.


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