London Douglas Motor Cycle Club - Czech Section Badge

London Douglas Motor Cycle Club – Czech Section Badge

Douglas Club members in the Czech Republic have their own, very active section – take a look at their website at  Excellent photos and descriptions of members’ motorcycles from the First War to the ‘fifties show Douglas machines being ridden and enjoyed – just as they should be!

3 thoughts on “Flying the Flag in the Czech Republic!

  1. Marvellous! It’s really great to see our club thriving in the heart of Europe. The Duggie club is almost certainly the oldest one-make motorcycle club’s in the world, and the enthusiasm demonstrated by our Czech clubmen should serve as a real inspiration to our members everywhere. We’re rightfully proud of our chosen marque, and we should be pushing as hard as we can in promoting one of the most famous names in motorcycling.


  2. Yes, I couldn’t agree more, Pat, provided the information given out is correct. The Czech section illustrate a ‘Mk3 S Competition machine’ and attach a photo of the ISDT machine giving the impression that they are one and the same – which they are not! The ‘Mk3 S Competition machine is no more than a Mk3 with a ‘works’ type subframe.


    1. Hi Eddie, I suspect a slightly misconstrued response, as I was actually referring to their new Section badge, but you’re quite right about accuracy regarding detailed descriptions of their machines on their website.


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