The Surrey & Hampshire Section has a run to the Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre near Arundel on Sunday, 7th of April. More details from Roy Staunton

One thought on “Surrey/Hants Section – April Run

  1. Our second Sunday ride out was to Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre in West Sussex on the 7th April. In total 7 Surrey/Hants section members turned up with 3 Dragonflies, a Comp and a Mark 5. In the morning the weather did not look very promising, but as the day progressed the sun did manage to shine and most of us should have had a dry ride. Amberley is an open-air museum spread over 36 acres and is dedicated to the industrial heritage of the South East of England, with a special interest in all aspects of the history of communication and transport. To do it justice you would need a spend at least a day to cover all the exhibits, which include a narrow-gauge railway, historic buses, fully equipped garages from the 1930’s etc. In addition, on the day there was a vintage car show with some 150 cars ranging from 1899 to 1956. All in all a good day out.
    Roy Staunton


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