In view of the current coronavirus crisis, the Club has had to change its postal arrangements for the May/June issue of the magazine. Rather than this being organised by a group of dedicated members, all in one room stuffing envelopes, which would not meet the current social distancing requirements, we have had to outsource the distribution. Currently there is every intention of continuing with the publication of the Conrod, but we would ask for your understanding if there is any delay in your copy of the New Conrod reaching your door mat.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Delays to New Conrod Magazine

  1. I understand and if the issue gets pushed back till the next issue it would be ok with me. Even though I look forward to learning more about me Douglas. Health is the number one priority. Jeff fredette

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  2. Thanks for maintaining the contact with the worldwide members, and most impoortant, special thanks for the Editor!


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