I’m occasionally contacted by people trying to trace a machine owned in years gone by, and I generally ask Doug Frost to put something in the Club magazine in the hope that a reader will recognise it. I have to say, the success rate is not great but, recently, we came up trumps as the machine in question is owned by a member in the north of Scotland. The request came from a lady whose father had owned a 90 Plus in the late 1950s, and she sent this photograph …

Douglas 90 Plus in late 1950s
Douglas 90 Plus in late 1950s

Fast-forward 60 years … the 90 Plus was restored by its current owner some years ago and today looks resplendent in its original gold finish. The owner tells me it runs well and he has covered thousands of miles on it.

Douglas 90 Plus 1952
The Douglas 90 Plus as it looks today
Douglas 90 Plus 1952

I understand the present and former owners – both now of a similar age – have been in contact. There must have been a few stories exchanged in that phone call!

One thought on “Friends Reunited!

  1. I am a new member who run a Mk 4 as a teenager (£20.) in 1959 for a few years cutting my teeth on repairs the hard way. Reg was.  OPD 268.  I latter moved on to Velocette . I am now looking to buy a DuggieCliff Ransley

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