Douglas Motorcycle DK Symbol
Douglas Tappet With DK Symbol

The Douglas factory stamped some parts, like this tappet from a 1936 Aero, with the DK symbol shown in the picture. DK stood for Douglas Kingswood. Their stamping ‘policy’ is not entirely clear, as the other three tappets are plain – but next time you’re rooting through a box of bits at an autojumble and come across the DK symbol, at least you cannot say you Don’t Know – it’s definitely Douglas! Did this stamping practice continue post-war? If you know the answer, please add a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. I think it depended on whether items were made “in house” or out shopped which was widely used at Douglas. Judging by the machining of that tappet, doubt an out shop would want to stamp anything on it to be honest !! After so many years of of the products being used I should guess that pattern replacements that were not stamped have drifted in so it would be very difficult to determine an actual cessation of stamping.
    Regards Colin


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