While our UK visitors are stuck indoors and cannot enjoy Spring on two wheels … here’s the next best thing! This video is part of a series produced by Spectel Communications as part of their Bristol History Series, and covers the story of Douglas motorcycles. There is some wonderful period ‘movie film’ of the Isle of Man in the 1920s, images of the factory and even a cameo appearance by our own Bill Douglas. Many thanks to Spectel Communications for making this video available, which is free to view until the end of the UK’s ‘lockdown’ period. https://youtu.be/jgAvqH57Exk

4 thoughts on “Down Memory Lane to Kingswood

  1. I have just seen the movie. It’s perfect! I needed some info on how bits fit together on my MK4 basket case rebuild. Thanks for putting it out there.


  2. Thank you to everyone at the club for sharing this info about our video, The Douglas Story, and for all the great feedback we’ve received already. This is just one of a series of videos I’m releasing during lock-down and I thought it might be a bit specialist for general consumption, but it’s doing much better than anticipated.

    If you enjoy the video, I’d be very grateful if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel. My current goal is to get the channel to 1000 subscribers, which is the point at which I can earn any income from it. I’m tantalisingly close at 869 subscribers so would be very grateful and would help me to continue providing videos for anyone to enjoy, at no cost during lock-down.

    Thank you in advance if you can help with this and I’m so pleased the video has been received so well.

    Stay safe everyone!



  3. What a wonderful film ! I am only a young lad of 78 who bought his first Douglas aged 18 ( yes a Dragonfly !) and have been in love ever since (even though it kept trying to kill me !) How dare you bring tears to my eyes ? Love all you guys !


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