Readers of this blog will be familiar with Douglas motorcycles – but Douglas cars?

Douglas’ first foray into four-wheeled transport was in 1913, with a light car with pressed steel chassis which sold for a hefty £160. WW1 brought an end to this project but production of a revised – and heavier – vehicle resumed in 1919 in Coventry. The new car was fitted with a liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine of 1224cc and 10.5hp, and was available in three versions. It also came with a hefty price tag; at around £500 few were sold and production ended in 1922.

This beautiful 1921 Douglas Tourer is believed to be the sole remaining example of a Douglas car. It will be offered for sale at Bonham’s December auction, and will certainly be the crowning glory of any Douglas collection!

1921 Douglas 10.5hp Tourer
1921 Douglas 10.5hp Tourer

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