Just leafing through a copy of The Motor Cycle from 16th November 1950 – well, we are in ‘Lockdown’! – I came across a piece entitled ‘Douglas Market Four Flat Twins’. The annual Motor Cycle Show was not held in 1950, and manufacturers announced their ranges for the coming season through the press. Apart from the intriguing strapline ‘Three out of every five post-war 350cc motor cycles in The Argentine are Douglas’, several other details caught my eye. Much is made of the 80 Plus and 90 Plus models, but the Mark 4 appears to have been written out of the script. ‘New to the range is the Mark 5, which replaces the earlier Mark 3 Deluxe and Sport models’ runs the text – although at this point the author seems to have run out of inspiration as he directs the readers’ admiration to the new ribbed front mudguard! Clearly not a lot new for 1951 …
One detail that was new to me, though, was that polychromatic blue machines could have their Feridax dual seat supplied in matching colour! I wonder how many owners opted for a blue seat cover … has anyone ever seen one?
The fourth twin in the line-up is the rigid-framed competition model, featuring the sort of mudguard clearance which I associate with 1980s Japanese trail bikes! I also like the position of the horn, under the seat beneath the rider’s greatcoat. An amusing party trick for post-war austerity times, I guess …

Douglas Mark Series Comp 1951
Douglas Mark Series Comp 1951

If anyone can shed light on the Argentinian connection with Douglas, do let us know!

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