Or, in this case – an 80 Plus …
I don’t generally feature auction entries on this blog, unless something particularly interesting comes along. Sites like ebay always offer a wealth of books, machines and spares, and are worth keeping an eye on.

Specialist auction houses, however, sometimes throw up unusual machines, and I see that Richard Edmonds Auctions in Chippenham has a number of entries in their 26th June sale of interest to Douglas enthusiasts. As well as a Dragonfly, there are two incomplete 80 Plus machines – if you have a Plus engine under the bench waiting only for a frame to come along, this could be your chance! There are also what look like an S6 and a D33 – details are yet to be added, so I’m relying on the pictures. If you’re curious, have a look at  http://richardedmondsauctions.com/catalogue-new/?event=3

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