The Club’s Annual Rally is on over the weekend of the 22nd / 23rd June. See pages 10/11 of the current Conrod for further details or contact the secretary

One thought on “It’s Annual Rally Time!

  1. The weather in the week leading up to the weekend of the club’s annual rally at Stow did not look very promising with heavy rain and thunderstorms, but fortunately the weekend remained dry with some sunshine.
    The organising team – sounds a grand title but sadly there only a few members who actually get involved setting up the field and erecting the marquee on the Friday. This year we had an opportunity to test out our new inflatable marquee, which I have to say made life much easier. Two people can safely erect the marquee, whereas the old marquee took at least 8 people and even then, we struggled. Now all we need to do is to spread the marquee out, connect the electric pump and sit back and watch it go up. Taking the marquee down is also just as easy. Release the air valves and it slowly sinks to the floor. There are no metal poles, but for those of you who went into the marquee will have seen that the structure is very rigid and capable of standing up to poor weather conditions – not that we would want bad weather.
    This year the Rudge Association asked to join in with our event. For those of you who have been members for many years will remember that this was arrangement some 20 years or more ago and the committee felt that it would be to our mutual benefit to rekindle this association. Also, the Rudge Association agreed to contribute towards cost of hiring the Stow Rugby ground for the weekend, which was a useful benefit to the club’s funds. Personally, I think the attendance of the Rudge Association added to overall interest and helped to increase the number of people attending and did not detract in anyway from the fact that it was a Douglas event and they were our invited guests. Having spoken to most of their members I must say I found them a very convivial and generous bunch and surprisingly they had some young members, in particular there were two lads who had come all the way from Holland for the weekend. It was also nice to see a touch of the “entente cordiale”. I spotted one of our members chatting to the lads from Holland and next minute he was riding their Rudge around the field and they in turn had a spin on his Plus 90. You never know they may be persuaded to buy a Douglas and join our club. We need to be more open with our events and involve other similar like-minded people who may not necessarily own a Douglas bike if we are to generate new members and survive for the future.
    See the September/October Conrod for a full report on the Rally and photographs
    Roy Staunton


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