Owners of 2.3/4 hp models will be interested to learn that a range of parts for these models is available from the RacingNorton website https://racingnorton.co.uk/

Do not be deterred by the name of the site – the proprietor, Paul Norman, is the owner of a Douglas 2.3/4 hp machine and has developed these parts in the course of restoring his own machine.

The RacingNorton site also features many other parts useful to Douglas owners, including magneto and carburettor spares.

4 thoughts on “Douglas 2.3/4 hp Parts

  1. Brilliant. I knew it wouldn’t take long for someone to get a CNC machine on the go.
    Endless potential with 3D to make parts previously unachievable for restoration. Lazer has revolutionised parts manufacture.
    Regards Colin


  2. 1919 2.3/4 douglas parts required.REAR AXLE.SEAT FRAME,CLUTCH AND FRONT BRAKE LEVERS,FRONT AND REAR MUD GUARDS .Anything available.ANYWHERE ?


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